Tree Climbing Adventure

A New Adventure in the Trees

Branch out on an immersive tree climbing adventure!

Ascend to new heights and explore the forest canopy, all while remaining securely fastened to a rope and tree climbing saddle. Recreational tree climbing is a fun way to explore nature from a new perspective.


We are currently offering Tree Climbing Adventure for groups of five or more only.

The price is $39 per person.

For Groups

To book a private event, from team building to birthday parties, send us an inquiry or call us at 440-707-2044.

Why Climb A Tree?

  • Discovery: See the world from a new perspective!
  • Nature: Appreciate each tree as a unique individual to explore.
  • Challenge: Push yourself into your challenge zone and overcome real or perceived obstacles.
  • Fitness: Engage a wide range of muscle groups for aerobic and anaerobic exercise.
  • Learn: Explore the ecology taking place over our heads!
  • Reflect: Escape the daily grind and find refuge in nature.

A Different and Fun Way to Climb a Tree

When recreational tree climbing, all participants have a harness on, which is connected to a closed rope system. All climbers, facilitators, and any other individuals underneath the crown of the climbing tree are required to wear helmets at all times. All equipment is thoroughly inspected prior to each use, including the climbing tree itself. All of these steps are designed to manage the risks inherent in any at-heights activity.

Protecting and Respecting Nature

We care deeply for the health of the trees we climb and we seek to instill the values of conservation in our participants. To protect them, we only climb using sustainable techniques and never use spikes or invasive methods of ascent. Every rope on the tree makes use of a cambium saver, ensuring that branches are insulated from the friction of moving ropes.