My Lens, My Life – Anti-Bullying Program

My Lens, My Life is an SEL-based experiential program that develops social awareness and empathy in students and seeks to stop or reduce bullying, harassment, disrespect, and other undesirable social interactions.

Bullying has become an everyday part of our lives. There are different forms of bullying: physical, verbal, and cyberbullying are just a few. This program focuses on how bullying can impact a person’s view of themselves and the world around them.

Developed for students in grades 6-12, My Lens, My Life anti-bullying program curriculum is interactive, and a collaboration of students’ self-expression using photography as a medium, focusing ultimately on a message of empathy and anti-bullying. This program, as well as our Life School program, aligns with ODE and CASEL standards. Every youth involved in bullying – as a target, a bystander, or as one who does the bullying – can benefit from My Lens, My Life.

The Format

My Lens, My Life consists of 8 work sessions that last 90 minutes each facilitated by us at your school, and one final session where students, faculty & community join together for an exhibit.

We begin by guiding students to look inward at the many aspects of who they are to help develop a healthy self-awareness and identify what impacts their view of the world. From there, through group discussions and activities, they are invited to share their perspectives all while being mindful of one another’s unique views of the world.

We then help students explore and express themselves by creating a photo album, taking guided self-portraits, planning and then sharing their projects through a photo exhibit.


$3,500 – This price includes 8 sessions for up to 28 students, and a culminating photo exhibit facilitated at the completion of program.

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