We believe cost should never be a barrier to our programs.

At Common Ground we nurture the body, challenge the mind and renew the spirit of each individual to embrace who they are, to realize their potential, and to experience their connection to all things through innovative programs and vibrant experiences.

Please consider supporting the mission of Common Ground with your year-end giving.

Your donation’s impact
• A gift of $10 provides lunch for a camper for a day.
• A gift of $35 funds a student to participate in our Canopy Classroom or Tree Climbing program.
• A gift of $250.00 sends a child to a week of summer camp.
• A $600 gift provides a Social Emotional Learning workshop for a group of 20 students at a local school.

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Your tax-deductible donation of any amount enables us to reduce or eliminate costs to our guests.

Fast Facts About Us
• Proudly nonprofit, we have a 25-year history providing unique and impactful programming in Northeast Ohio
• More than 60% of our summer camp families receive financial assistance
• Each year we serve more than 6,000 people through our experiences and employ over 30 seasonal staff members

Common Ground – the Cindy Nord Center for Renewal has over 25 years of experience providing innovative programs focusing on Conscious Living for people of all ages to nurture and challenge their mind, body, and spirit. Conscious Living is about being connected to each other and nature, as well as being resilient to life’s challenges while realizing one’s full potential.

Common Ground is home to summer day camps for youth, adult team-building programs, and custom-designed seminars. We have a top-rated zipline canopy tour open to the public, the proceeds from which are reinvested in our youth programs.

Your support will:

  • Give children unforgettable summer camp memories.
  • Give students a unique STEM-based educational experience through canopy, classroom, and team building adventures.
  • Give youth the tools they need to better navigate life in our social and emotional learning workshops.

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