Summer Camps Financial Aid

Thank you for your interest in Common Ground Summer Camps! 

We are now a provider for the Ohio Afterschool Child Enrichment (ACE) Educational Savings program.

For more information on the Ohio ACE program, visit

It is our desire that no child misses out on our camp adventure due to financial concerns. Thanks to the generous support of individuals and organizations who share this desire, we are able to offer financial aid to families in need.

The financial aid application period for the 2023 season is now over, however, you can be placed on a waitlist should more aid become available.

There is no charge to be placed on the waitlist. If funds become available, you will be notified.

Waitlist Application

About Financial Aid

  • Financial Aid is intended to offset a portion of the camp fee. However, those families that exhibit extreme circumstances may be considered for a full scholarship.
  • All applications will be considered based on need regardless of race, color, national origin, age, sex, or religion.
  • To be considered, all applications must be entirely and accurately completed. Common Ground may request additional documents to verify income.
  • To be considered, we encourage your family to complete the application as soon as you can.
  • Applications will be reviewed and families will be notified one week after the last submission date of the group’s date range. Please refer to the dates below.
  • If you are awarded Financial Aid, you will have two weeks from the decision date to accept the award by completing the online registration for your children who are attending camp. Please refer to the dates below.
  • At the time of registration, you will be responsible for paying the remaining camp fees.

Group Name




Submission Date

March 13  – April 3

April 4 – April 25

April 26 – May 17

Decision Date

April 7

May 1

May 24

Registration Date

April 21

May 15

June 7

Example: If John Johnson submits an application on April 6th.  His application will be reviewed and he will be notified via email by May 1. He will then have until May 15th to register his children for camp.

  • If children are not registered within the above-mentioned time frame, the family has forfeited their awarded aid and will need to reapply for financial aid.
  • If children are registered for camp and they are unable to attend, you must notify Common Ground no later than 14 business days before their scheduled week starts so that the award can be transferred to another family.
  • If children are registered for camp and do not show up, you may forfeit their ability to be awarded financial aid in the future.

Before applying it is important to take time to reflect on and prepare the following:

  • How many children are you applying for?
  • How many total weeks are you applying for?
  • How much can your family pay for each week of camp you’re applying for? For example, Earth Camp costs $250 per week, my family can pay $195 per week.
  • What is your projected Gross Annual Household Income?

There is a non-refundable $10 application fee that could be applied towards camps fees. There is no charge to be placed on a waitlist for financial aid.

Waitlist Application