The Importance of Team Building

In order to increase efficiency and respond to business challenges, companies worldwide are moving away from traditional hierarchy and putting more emphasis on the importance of teams. In addition to improving productivity, team building increases employee motivation, encourages collaboration, and builds employee trust and respect.

Common Ground offers a unique way of promoting team building through our Team Building Adventure program. Designed for groups of all ages and types, Team Building Adventure combines action-based activities that encourage growth in a variety of areas that incorporate personal and team development.

Why You Should Incorporate Team Building

Coworkers are often cited as one of the things employees like most about their jobs. When you’re around people you enjoy being around, it can change your outlook on your day. It is more appealing to employees to be part of something more than just a job, something they look forward to every day. Employees who are also happy and engaged tend to have better performance in their jobs.

Encouraging employees to value communication and teamwork helps improve work relationships and the quality of work. Teams cannot function well if the members don’t get along. Teams that have strong communication and collaboration are more effective and efficient. Establishing this to build strong teams are important in businesses across the spectrum. However, many businesses make the mistake of focusing on making customers happy and often neglect the needs of their employees, which can be a costly mistake.

Businesses should incorporate team-building exercises as an ongoing element of their company culture. Team building activities not only boost employee morale, productivity, and open communication but it can dramatically increase the success and profitability of your business.

Company Culture

Building a company culture is often very undervalued by many businesses. Without a culture, you are more likely to see a higher turnover rate with employees. They won’t find much of a connection to the company and will have no problem leaving the company for other opportunities. Building a positive company culture helps employees become aware of their value to the team and build confidence in their skills. It shows everyone can contribute to the team in some way. The key to a successful team is allowing employees to share ideas and bring creativity. The more your employees feel valued, the more comfortable they are in sharing their ideas and opinions. By helping employees become part of a company, they will be more inclined to take on new challenges in their jobs.

Team Building Process

  • Form a team.
  • Determine and clarify the roles and responsibilities.
  • Encourage communication and why it’s important.
  • Build trust among team members to strengthen relationships.
  • Develop a culture of collaboration.
  • Promote accountability and acknowledgment.
  • Assess and track the progress of the teams.
  • Celebrate successes and improve on weaknesses.

If you are interested in implementing team building into your organization, Team Building Adventure can also be customized to fit your organizational needs based on your input. Additionally, if you are unable to travel to take part in the experience, we can bring the adventure to you.
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