2022 Firewalk – Sold Out

Annual Firewalk
Saturday, September 17, 2022, 6:30PM – 10:30PM

Face and Overcome Fear at the 15th Annual Gregg Gilder Memorial Firewalk !

Unleash your own personal power by understanding what role fear plays in your life and how you can overcome it.

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Firewalking is an ancient practice used by various cultures around the world, demonstrating strength, courage, and faith. Working through the fears of life’s challenges is a metaphor to firewalking, which symbolizes all that is possible as you take steps to a freer, more fulfilling future. It’s a wonderful example of the mind-body connection.

Certified Firewalk Instructor Dave Tuscany, and Director of Adult Programs for Common Ground Harry Pepper, Ph. D, co-facilitate this unique four hour event.

More than just a workshop, the Firewalk at Common Ground is an experience like no other!

  • Tickets are $59 per person.
  • The workshop is limited to 85 participants.
  • This event takes place in our outdoor gazebo and will happen rain or shine.
  • Drinking water is provided.
  • No food sales

The Gregg Gilder Memorial Firewalk

Gregg Gilder worked alongside and with Common Ground for many years. He helped to expand youth programming to kids and especially at-risk youth. He was instrumental in the very first Firewalk held at Common Ground. His love for Common Ground and the community it serves left a legacy we seek to honor every year with the Gregg Gilder Memorial Firewalk.