Read about the 10th Annual Firewalk

The folks over at the Chronicle Telegram came out to the Firewalk and published a piece titled Oberlin firewalk an eye-opening experience.


The article quotes Dave Tuscany, the certified Firewalk instructor who comes to Common Ground every year as saying “It wasn’t about the fire, or the wood, or the arrows or the steel rods, it was about the story you told yourself about fear.” While participants certainly get an opportunity to walk on fire at the end of the night, there’s an incredibly moving interactive presentation leading up to it, where attendees are invited to walk on glass and splinter arrows whose tips are pressed against their throats, among other things.


If you’ve never been to the Firewalk at Common Ground, we can’t recommend it enough. We’ll be posting the date for the 2017 Firewalk on our website soon.

Update: Firewalk 2017 tickets are now on sale. You can get tickets here.