Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Canopy Tour?

That’s a great question! If you’re not familiar with this industry, it’s easy to confuse a canopy tour with an adventure park or high ropes course, and what each offers.

Our Canopy Tour is a guided zipline tour where participants will be above the ground travelling tree platform to tree platform for the duration of the experience. Besides ziplines, our canopy tour also includes aerial bridges, staircases, and a rappel to bring you back to the ground at the end. Participants should be in reasonably good health, but it is an activity that grandkids, parents, and grandparents can all do together and have an equally AWESOME time.

An adventure park is a bit more physically demanding. They are typically not guided, and customers sometimes do their own clipping and un-clipping, but park staff are located on the ground and throughout the course to assist customers if needed. Some adventure parks have ziplines, but they mainly consist of obstacles and challenges to climb and negotiate. Think jungle gym in the air. Participants should be in good physical shape.

Common Ground does offer our High Ropes Course to the public on weekends by reservation. Our high ropes course is a series of fun, strategically designed, action-based challenges, 20 feet above the ground. Participants can enjoy the course just for fun, or as a tool for groups to focus on teambuilding, problem solving and creative thinking.

I’m afraid of heights. What if I can’t do it?

We’re afraid of heights too! It’s completely natural to have a healthy fear of height. Our question is “What if you thought you couldn’t do it, but found out that you can?” Our guides will be with you throughout your tour and are supportive and eager to help you through your fears. That being said, if you decide today is not your day to zipline, we won’t let anyone convince you otherwise. Challenge by choice is our mantra. But consider trying it… it may be one of the best times you’ve ever had!

Can I watch my friends/family zipline if I don’t want to participate?

Absolutely. You are welcome to spend time with them while the guides are gearing them up, watch them complete ground school, and cheer them on from the ground through the first 3 ziplines (our staff will be happy to supply you with a map of the property). After your group crosses the river and continues their tour, feel free to enjoy some of the natural and quiet serenity that is Common Ground. Be sure to make it back to our Welcome Center to see your group zip to our final platform and rappel back down to the ground. The foot bridge over the river is a great place to view their final zip. Bring your camera for a great photo op.

What should I wear?

We tell people to “dress comfortably for the weather”. When it’s warm, shorts and t-shirts are fine. When it’s cold, our harnesses fit comfortably over heavy coats and helmets fit over winter hats with no problems. Remember you will be wearing a full-body harness with leg loops and that can sometimes be uncomfortable against bare skin, so we don’t recommend really short shorts or tank tops. Protecting your feet is very important! Wear closed-toed and closed-heeled, secured, athletic footwear. Athletic shoes or light hiking boots are best. Participants will not be permitted on the tour with sandals, flip-flops, Crocs, or scuba flippers.

Can I bring my GoPro or phone?

We do have some helmets with a GoPro attachment and will do our best to supply you with one if possible. Chest harnesses or selfie sticks cannot be used based on the full-body harness you’ll wear while zipping and the need for proper hand positioning on the course. We advise against bringing your phone on tour for a few reasons.

  • The gloves worn on tour will make it very difficult to manipulate your phone.
  • We cannot be held responsible for phones damaged or dropped from the platforms and cannot go on phone seeking scavenger hunts after your tour.
  • UNPLUG! Check in on social media when you arrive, leave your phone with our staff in the Welcome Center during your tour, and enjoy 2.5 hours of serenity and nature uninterrupted.
  • We offer a reasonably priced photo package so you won’t have to leave without proof of your good time. Our guides, among all their other talents, are pretty awesome photographers. Besides the usual photos they take, they will be happy to photograph any exceptionally cool or unique things that you would like.

Stats. What is your longest/highest/fastest…?

The Canopy Tour consists of:

  • 7 ziplines, totaling 2,500 feet of flight and spectacular views. Our highest point on tour is along our 6th zip at 75 feet above the Vermilion River. Our final zipline is the longest at 850 feet.
  • 13 tree platforms in white pines, tulip poplars, red & chinkapin oaks, and shagbark hickory. Professionally installed and designed with sustainability and tree health in mind.
  • 3 aerial bridges
  • 2 spiral staircases
  • A unique “floating” staircase
  • A rappel at the end to bring you back down to the ground, ready to take on your next adventure.

You, as well as your guides, will be “clipped in” at all times throughout your tour. Our staff is professionally trained to ACCT (Association for Challenge Course Technology) standards. They will be handling all clipping and un-clipping of your equipment so that you can kick back and enjoy your time in the trees.

Do I need a reservation?

Yes. We want to know you’re coming so that we can have guides ready for you when you get here. You are able to make reservations online within 24 hours of your tour time.

Do you offer a group discount?

Yes! We offer 10% off for groups of 8 or more. Since our cap on tour size is 8, special arrangements need to be made to accommodate large groups. Give us a call at 440-707-2044!

Do kids need to be supervised?

Kids ages 10-15 need to be accompanied by someone 16 or older.

Should I tip my guides?

Tipping is entirely up to you and is always appreciated!

Are there health restrictions?

If you have a medical concern, please consult a doctor regarding participation in a Zip Line Canopy Tour before you book your reservation to determine whether or not this activity is for you. The tour does require some light physical activity, including climbing stairs, crossing bridges, and walking over uneven terrain.

Is it safe?

There are inherent risks in everything we do, from driving a car to ziplining. Our course was built following the leading standards in the industry developed by the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT). All guides have been trained through S.T.E.P.S. to meet or exceed ACCT standards.

Are there age or weight restrictions?

Participants must be 10 years of age or older. Participants 15 and younger must be accompanied by someone 16+. The weight requirement is between 70 and 250 pounds. This restriction has to do with the speed of the zip lines, as the cables can hold 26,000 pounds!

The weather is calling for rain..what do I do?

Ohio is a wonderful place where we can have all 4 seasons in one day! Due to the unpredictable nature of our area, we try to make the call on whether a tour can go out or not as close to tour time as possible. We do zip in the rain, which can actually be a lovely experience. However, in the case of inclement weather such as high winds, thunder and lightning, we do have to cancel. If that is the case, we offer rainchecks that are good for 1 year, so you can experience our tour in weather more suitable for zip lining.

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