Workplace Retreats

Workplace Retreats

Workplaces are living, breathing and evolving environments. Common Ground has been helping people and organizations develop their potential for more than 15 years. Our holistic and experiential approach is built on the premise that each person possesses leadership potential and that the only way an organization can reach its full potential is when individual members reach theirs.

Workplace Retreats

The Workplace Retreats and programs focus on three themes: presence, perspective and relationships. One’s greatest power as leaders comes from the ability to be fully awake and aware in the present moment with a willingness to allow one’s perspective to change and understand that our relationships with each other – coworkers, supervisors, the community and outside world – are all interrelated.

I can attest to how important Common Ground was to the success of our leadership class, which showed us all the value of improved communication and listening skills, as well as helping me personally with positive life skills and habits in my own life.

Workplace Retreats

Common Ground’s team of professionals guides participants through customized half day, full day or multi-day retreats with innovative presentations and teambuilding programs such as low and high ropes courses, group drumming and adventure activities.

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Add some adventure to your Conscious Leadership Retreat by choosing one of the great Adventure Options below:

Canopy Tour – This 2 ½ – 3 hour experience is great for teambonding. It includes 7 ziplines, 3 aerial bridges, 2 spiral staircases, 1 unique floating staircase, 13 platforms, and a rappel station at the end. Throughout the course participants will be 30 – 80 feet above the ground providing a unique opportunity to reconnect with each other, our natural surroundings and gain a renewed sense of personal empowerment. Your group can add this experience at 20% off of the regular Canopy Tours pricing.

Low Ropes Adventure Challenge – Your group can enjoy the beautiful natural setting of Common Ground while they are encouraged to step outside of their comfort zone in order to learn new ways and enhance leadership skills such as communication, trust, problem solving and creativity. These goal setting activities encourage the group to work collectively to accomplish tasks. They are typically done with most participants on the ground and require low to moderate physical ability. You can add this two hour experience for $15 per person; or you can add up to a 4 hour experience for $30 per person.

High Ropes Adventure Challenge – This physically challenging experience is about 20 feet above the ground and is surrounded by a beautiful collection of trees. This is a great opportunity for individuals and groups to work through their perceived boundaries and achieve a greater sense of self-confidence and accomplishment. During this experience your group is encouraged to support each other, offer encouragement and assistance in any way possible. Your group can add this experience at 20% off of the regular High Ropes pricing.

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