Teen Adventure Camp

Teen Adventure Camp

Our Teen Adventure Camp has a renewed focus on outdoor adventure challenge programming! It is for youth ages 15-17, focusing on helping campers learn new skills, realize their potential, and develop a sense of belonging and purpose in the world. We believe these are building blocks for more integrated, happier, healthier lives: at home, in school, and in the community.

Teen Adventure Camp offers camp favorites such as hiking and nature exploration combined with experiential activities, games, and interactive discussions. TAC is designed to enhance leadership skills and build developmental assets such as: self-esteem, teamwork, and effective communication that will be highlighted each week. These developmental themes are designed to complement the Earth Camp weekly themes. Not only will these outdoor activities be educational, they’ll also be lots of fun!

Looking for Earth Camp (ages 6-14)?

My children were able to make new friends from all over the county, experience different challenges, learn to work with others in a group, and they had counselors that were younger than their teachers at school.

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