Exploration Days

Exploration Days

Exploration Days are environmental education programs designed to support schools’ academic curriculum for grades K-8 and are aligned with Common Core State Standards. We provide natural science-based experiential activities while tying in additional content areas such as math and language arts.

Exploration Days reinforce classroom concepts, promote a sense of respect for the Earth, and enhance students’ ability to make responsible decisions in the future.

Exploration Days

Common Ground’s facilitators engage students in interactive hands-on activities and lead hikes which explore different habitats such as a river, oxbow lake, floodplain forest, pine plantation, and perennial gardens. Students also gain the inherent benefits of exploring and connecting with the natural world.

Session Descriptions

Comparative Ecology

Explore the east fork of the Vermilion River and our Pine Grove and Woodlands! Collect, compare and display data to see how an organism’s patterns of behavior relate to the nature of its ecosystem.

Nature Survival

Participants will learn what it takes to survive in the woods! Learn about basic survival needs. Topics discussed: edible plants, fire & shelter building, camouflaging, & outdoor cooking.

Wildlife Ecology

See the relationships within living communities. Explore and identify different ecosystems and food webs and the organisms within them. Identify animal tracks and learn what they tell us.

Environmental Art

Inspire students to be creative will being in nature and creating things using items found in nature. Students will make sun prints, picture frames, and homemade paper all from natural supplies.

Exploration Days

We can accommodate group sizes from 25 all the way up to 100 students! We can also customize your trip to focus on different topic areas from the ones described above, there are just too many options to list! Request more information below and we will connect with you.

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