Oberlin Country Day Camp and Earth Camp Reunion

Saturday, August 18, 2012
Oberlin Country Day Camp and Earth Camp Reunion

Common Ground – The Cindy Nord Center for Renewal
14240 Baird Road, Oberlin, OH 44074
RSVP by Friday, August 10th


10am - 11:30am - Freetime
Meet old friends, take a hike in the woods, create a craft project, play games, and search for hidden watermelons.

11:30am - 12:00pm - Program
Camp Memories - Giving thanks / tree-planting ceremony

12:00pm – 1:00 pm - Lunch
Complimentary lunch provided in the gazebo

1:00pm - 3:00pm - Free Time
Visit with old friends, take a hike in the woods, create a craft project, and play games.

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Can you hear the familiar sound of the Camp bell? Remember the cheers and songs? Join us as we’ll be celebrating, remembering and reflecting on the good times of Camp!

AND, please forward this information to anyone who may have a attend camp. We invite as many campers as possible to join us!

As you may remember, the Oberlin Country Day Camp was a magical meeting between nature and the imagination. Twenty-one acres, warmed by the summer sun held generations of children between its hills, creating indelible moments of a lifetime. Oberlin Country Day Camp is remembered by some, as the essence of their childhood, a cornerstone in the foundation of who they have become as an adult, teacher and parent.

One camper, Collyn (Rybarczyk) Dyer writes, “Through the hazy summer heat, I fondly remember so many memories:

  • Sitting on the curb waiting to hear the bus round the corner onto Morgan Street, a journey with my friends into the country; a lunch box in one hand and rolled towel with my swim suit in the other.
  • Meeting at the flag pole to begin our day together, honoring our country while raising the flag and learning of what the day held for our tribe.
  • Staking claim of a campsite and then taking pride in making it the nicest site in the woods.
  • Turning pine cones into teddy bears, and plaster of Paris into masterpieces of art, by only using a glue gun and some paint.
  • Wearing Jelly shoes and spending hours in the creek at Crayfish County.
  • Learning to ride Howdy, the horse, around and around the Horseback Riding Range, trusting an animal while working together as a team.
  • Clinging to roots as I climbed the mountain; while in search of trails and flowers and adventures in the woods.
  • Experiencing the power of hitting the target at the rifle range, and learning how to shoot a bow and arrow at archery.
  • I combed the weeds in search of watermelons and buried treasures chests.
  • I remember the taste of hot dogs and marshmallows roasted to perfection on a stick,
  • around a campsite. Somehow a quarter turned into an entire bag of Swedish Fish to enjoy on the hillside after lunch.
  • Jumping into the refreshingly cold pool, on a hot summer day, and learning to swim.
  • Anticipating sleeping under the stars on the overnight, and packing my sleeping bag; then waiting to perform skits and for Seleeka and the bonfire and when I was finally old enough, the moonlight swim.
  • Drinking cans of Coke, to see who could stay awake the longest on the overnight to keep the fire going and the ghost stories.
  • Experiencing the smoky smell that hovered over the valley after an overnight, the throngs of tired, dirty campers ready to travel home. But not before one last hey cheer on the hillside.

I am grateful for the twenty years I spent climbing that hillside, breathing in the fresh country air, coming home muddy and exhausted. What a moment in time, what a privilege to say: OCDC is the best; it stands out from all the rest!”

Come back. Reunite with those with whom you shared many childhood memories. Feel free to bring others with you, so that they may experience the grounds where many of your childhood memories were made!

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Once you've registered, make sure you come back to our site to order a camp T-Shirt!